IPL-3 Live on You Tube.

The begining of the new year is not good for the Google, we saw google lots of conflicts in china.But whatever will happen in china, google is going to rock in india with his latest news.And what it is ? The breaking news is that Google is that IPL-3 will be live You tube. Google buy the live broadcasting right of IPL-3 matches from BCCI.IPL-3 will be the first ever sports event in the history which will be boarcasted live on Internet. Moreover IPL-3 will be the largest live streaming event that Google has ever hosted on YouTube.

             Google is the no.one search engine in India and also having maximum no. of Orkut user after Brazil.You Tube is most visited site for on line video watching and sharing with million of daily traffic.Google said that they are expecting to get 100 million viewer for IPL. For this event you tube will provide the various sports facilities like replaying and pause the live feed ,forwarding.Besides this viewer can enjoy some features which are not available on television—such as a choice of angles from any of the 34 cameras on the ground,highlights, player interviews etc.

                             Lets take a look on how much revenue is google to gain through this internet marketing campaign.Till date Google has decided to limit the number of sponsors for the event to 10. Google has not announce sponsorship rates, but   media buying agencies  report said unconfirmed figures may be go to Rs4 crore for the presenting sponsor and Rs1.5 crore for the associate sponsors.Sponsors can show their brands across the YouTube home page, next to and below the viewing window, overlay ads,as well as those inserted into the live feed and on-demand videos.

 I am writing this article on January and IPL-3 will start in March so after that can conclude that how much success Google get from this experiment. But one thing is sure that this will surely effect the traffic of Yahoo India, Cricket/Cricinfo and other Internet properties.So Lets see what will happen in March……

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