How to create and promote your business in Facebook Page

Facebook gives a separate page for business promtion and this page is known as Facebook Page.This page is not less then a web site, in this page you can post the all the latest updates, pictures, videos, events or any information you want to share with your customer. Facebook gives the better options for all those small business companies who don’t have a web site, because Facebook Page is not less then a website. From small business companies to MNC’s Facebook Page has become the first choice for brand, products, business promotion

And if you are a facebook user, then you aware about Facebook Page. Lots of time you have notice your friend suggests you to like the Facebook Pages of their interest. It can be Page of a celebrity like Michael Jakson, Actor like will smith, Companies like Coca-cola, Adidas, Nike etc.

In order to make a Facebook Page, first you have to make accounts in facebook. After making your account go to the application,Pages sections. Then go to the create page and select the page type, like for local Business or for brands, organization, company etc. You can also make the Facebook page in the login page of the facebook, you can see the create a page link in the bottom of log in section. By clicking on that link you can also create facebook page.

After creating the facebook page, your next task is to get the vanity Url for your page. In order to get the vanity url for your page, your page should have at least 25 fans. You can create the vanity url for your page in Facebook User Name page. For example i have created the Dev Bhoomi Himachal Page in Facebook with its vanity URL , so even by typing this URL in browser you can see your Facebook Page and can use it as your business page URL. After doing this start promoting your page among your friends, people of same interest, it can be word of mouth. Tell every one to whom you know about your Facebook Page, ask your friends to suggest your page to their friends.

Some do and dont’s for Facebook Page
. Be active in Facebook page, keep posting information, updates, events related to your business
. Responds to people comments and queries, if possible give answers to all their queries
. Use facebook applications like RSS, Blogs, Videos, Events, FBML for your page
. Ask for suggestions, use Page for CRM activities and have Patience

Dont’s in FB
. Don’t miss to write any information, in info section, give the full information about your business
. Use your Company logo or product image in your profile picture
. Be open in your page, allow everybody to make comments, tags pictures, videos in FB page
. Always don’t talk about your business, wish your customers in their Birthday, Anniversary etc.
. Don’t expect for quick results, Be patience.

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