Why your Company should go for Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become the one of the cheapest and fast growing marketing place for companies. For companies, businesses social media sites offer various applications and tools. Some of the popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, You tube etc. All of these web site have millions of daily traffic.
Let’s take a look on some facts about social media sites.

. Facebook have more than 500 million users and still growing with the growth rate of more than 100%. If Facebook has to be country, it would be third largest in world.

. Facebook tops the Google for weekly U.S. internet traffic.

. Twitter has more than 21 million unique users with the growth rate of more than 800%

. Facebook, You Tube, Twitter come in world’s top 10 traffic sites, and have millions of user.

Be where your customer are

By seeing all these facts we can say social media sites can help companies to find, reach the maximum customers. To participate in social media sites, create your profile on all the major social media sites and give link to your primary site where as possible. You can see the option like your site name or your URLs etc, put your company name in these places.

Make sure your profile on social media sites should be good one, make it on the name of your company name and use your company logos in the profile. In Facebook make a Facebook Business Page of your company or business and keep updating these pages with your company news, events etc.

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  1. Rakesh @ Wizard Journal says:

    Social Media Marketing can be very beneficial, if you have like 5000 fans on facebook, your sales of twitter or facebook products would increase automatically.

    My Last Blog:

    Social Networking made my life Sorted! – http://www.wizardjournal.com/new-gadgets/social-networking-made-easy.html

  2. Lolland says:

    Very interesting post about the business case for social media in phones, I did not get this in any other post. Well done!

    Do check out my post here. I promise it’ll be funny :)

  3. Dinesh Thakur says:

    Thanks a lot Lolland…..!

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