Impact of 3G in Business & Society

Technology is changing faster and quicker when we look into connectivity. Just a decade ago when internet came out was static then it come out in dynamic and now we are in the world of mobile internet. 3G has become the technology of choice for mobility. Over 700 million people are 3G subscriber in all over world and study have shown :

. 3G will Drive the Data connections into next decade
. 3G will enable 85% of mobile broadband subscription in 2013

What is 3G ?
3G stands for 3rd Generation network, 3G network build upon first two generation, first one analog radio signal and second one only allowed voice and data digital. 3G technology makes your cell phone mini computer by using high speed down link packet access and universal mobile telephone system which make you sending and receiving data super fast.

Benefits and Advantages of 3G
You can watch TV shows in your cell phone, live streaming, download large files, can do video chat, can write blogs etc. Your 3G phone can give you traffic updates based upon your location which will save your precious time. 3G services support Web-based applications such as streaming video, e-mail large power point presentation, and video conference etc.

Biggest advantage of 3G technology is  faster rate of data transfer. Due to use of greater bandwidth and higher transfer rates, transmission of data is much faster than with 1G or 2G phones. Average speed with 3G is around two to three Mbps; as compared to 2Gā€™s which has maximum 144 Kbps.

In order to use 3G your cell phone must be 3G supported. Every cell phone is not 3G supported, cell phones which support the 3G are known as smart phones. You can easily find the 3G supported cell phones from Samsung to Black Berry.

Genration which is born in world of mobile internet

One thing is sure 3G will change the life style of people. 3G allows people to share information much faster, which can be in form of PPT, photos, videos etc. The largest segments to use 3G services will be teenagers. 3G will offer them more source of entertainment which can start from Facebook to Video games.

Business and Companies
For Business professional 3G opens all channels of communication, video confresing to power point sharing is possible in 3G. You can see sunami of data sharing in your office soon.

The first country to develop and launch 3G was Japan in 2001. Tata Docomo set to launch 3G services in India at Diwali. Tata Docomo will launch the 3G services in 9 major cities which includes Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (West), Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh/Chattisgarh.

So this Diwali are you ready for 3G with Tata Docomo  :)…..!

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  1. Manjunath says:

    "3G will enable 85% of mobile broadband subscription in 2013" ??

    may be 2G will be phased out in couple of years.. i think every one will go 3G or subsequent G's such as 4G, 5G so on šŸ˜€ btw promoted your post.

  2. Dinesh Thakur says:

    It will be 3G not 2G, 4G, 5G which will be used by maximum, 85% no. of smart phone users in world. Still 4G and 5G will take few year to come.
    So in next 3 years 3G services will dominate the market.

  3. Rahul Koundal says:

    Nice post, As far as users in India are concerned I am of different opinion that 3G usage would be very low for at least for couple of years due to higher cost passed on by operators to consumers. I see India having fairly large consumer base for 3G services somewhere in 2014 towards end. If in case cost is not gonna be significantly higher may be 3G can be everyone's first choice….Cheers

  4. Dinesh Thakur says:

    @Rahul, I agree with your prediction in next 1-2 years you can't see more 3G user, usage charges for 3G will be matter of concern.

  5. Sonia says:

    Nice Blog! Well most of your content and image is original and informative. /many thanks for sharing this, cheers.

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  6. says:

    The creation of 3G definitely made mobile Internet possible that paved the way to a very different form of marketing.

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