Best Tips for Online Reputation Management

As name indicates itself , Online Reputation means your company, Business reputation in internet. It can be personal if your are Polticians, Lawyer, Freelancer, Tutor or have some home business. What you will do when you find in search engines some one has complained about your business? He can be your ex employee, even your competitors and any one who have bad experience with your company and services.

In internet a single person can destroy your reputation in fews hours. A blog post, Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter can do it in minutes. And it can be spread virally, so in few hours all world can read the negative comments about your company. The question is how i can build the online reputation?

Well you can monitor and build your online reputation with the help of Online Reputation Management. There are few tips by using these you can build your online reputation again.

. Social Media Monitoring Tools
Use Google Blog search, Technorti and Blogpulse for monitoring your brand and business.

. Use RSS Feed websites like Google Reader,,

Google Alerts
You can use Google Alerts to monitor the negative content people are saying about you. Goolge Alerts are E mail alerts of your latest search query these can be updates from web, news etc.

. Track the Online Groups which includes Yahoo Groups, AOL groups, Goolge Gropus, Bing Gropus etc.

 . Use Press Releases
To send a press release is good way to save your online reputation.

. Facebook Page, Twitter Account
Use Facebook Page and your Twitter Profile for conveying the right message

. Maximize Positive responses for Bad comments
When ever you see a bad comment about your comapy, try to find out the people or your customers who had good experince about your services, you can request them for comments or testimonials.

. Addressing Situation
Lots of things depend on how you handle the situation? You can solve the problem by meeting the person or group who are spoiling your online reputation. So use all your online and off line channels to solve the problem.

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