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 People are spending maximum time in social media websites and growth of social media giving more opportunity to companies for advertising. For website tracking and monitoring we have tracking tools like Google Analytics, Omniture, WebTrends, Compete etc. In last two- three years social media had got the maximum growth and  we got some wonderful tool for social media tracking. Some of best free social media tracking tools are:

Facebook Insight
It seems entire world is in Facebook and people are spending maxium time in Facebook. Facebook Page provide a platform to all companies for business promotion. Facebook insight is best tool to track the all activity on Facebook. In Facebook insight you can track the total no. of visitors, likes, comments, New Likes, Monthly active users, demographics etc.

Topsy is best search engine tools for Twitter. I will say Topsy is not less than Google for Social Media. You can search all types of tweets in Topsy. Topsay allow you to search for photos, trends, tweets, web.

YouTube Insight
In YouTube insight you can see all the status and data of your video. You can use the YouTube insight in your account on Insight section. In YouTube inside you can see in which country your videos are more popular, demographics, Clicks on video, impressions, how long people are watching video etc.

In Tweetstatus you can check your no. of tweets per hour, per month, interface used for tweets etc. Simply enter your tweeter handle in box and see all the statics for your tweets. You can also check the Twitter trend and most popular twitter applications at twitter status section.

Social Mention
Social Mention is a real time social media and analysis tool. You can also check the Social media alerts like Google Alerts in Social Mention. Social Mention also provide the real time buzz widget for blogs and sites.

Klout is one of the fastest growing social media tool. Klout identifies influencers on topics across the social media websites.

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