How to Use Internet to Grow Your Business

As entire world is using internet, your business needs a strong online presence and for this only website or blog of company is not good enough. You should know all the channels in internet which you can use to promote your business. Some of the best ways to promote business in internet are:

 1 SEO : Search engine optimization help you to reach all those customers who are searching for product and services related to you business in search engines. You can read more about SEO in my SEO posts.

 2. Local Listing and Classifieds: You can list your website in all top most classifieds and local business listing websites. In India some of the top local listing and classifieds websites are Quikr, Olx, Hot Frog, Sulekha, Askleela etc. Create your company profile in these websites and enlist your product and services.

 3. Search Advertising: Search Adverstising or search engine marketing is one the quickest method to promote your business online. Search Advertising is method of placing ads in search engine results and all relevant portals of your business. It include the banner ads, video ads and simple text ads.

 4. Geo Targeting or Place Targeting: You can target your customers as geography wise, all major search engines allow you to promote your business places wise. For example, Google provide this service as Google Places, Yahoo as Yahoo Local and Bing as Bing Business Center. It’s simple and free of cost to use.

 5.Group Buying: Connect with new customers through programs that offers multiple buyers collective purchasing deals. There are many popular group buying websites available to use.

 6. E Mail Marketing: E mail marketing is one of the oldest method to promote business and still its giving good no. of leads and results to business. You can purchase the data of all those people whose interest matches with your product and services.

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  1. Austin marketing says:

    Internet marketing is the way to go since the world has been turned into a global village. Business companies should also develop mobile sites which are to be used by clients who use the internet on their mobile phones and tablets. Thank you for this post.

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