Most Common Google Adwords Policies Guidelines which Each Advertiser Should Know

Google adwords set privacy policy guidelines for each advertiser and in order to run your ads on adwords it’s mandatory to follow these policies guidelines. Any violation of these polices can lead to ads disapproved or account suspension and this can become a nightmare for advertisers because it can take few days or weeks to approve your ads again and biggest damage of violation is permanent suspension of Google adwords account. So being an advertiser or adwords professional you should know what the Google adwords polices guidelines are and how you can avoid to violate these guidelines. The biggest problem is that Google adwords had long list of privacy policies guidelines and it’s hard to remember all these guidelines. So in this post I would discuss most common privacy polices guidelines which advertisers usually violates.


Information Harvesting Policy

This policy is about the user safety of the Google and talks about the privacy policy of your website. If you are asking for any data (contact us form) from the user in your website he should be aware why you are asking the data and what you will do with the data and till what time you will keep data with yourself. Along with this you need to clearly mention that you are not going to pass data to anyone. You should tell the user how you use the cookies set on your website. So your website should have a proper privacy page and the privacy policy link should be clearly visible, preferably just below the submit button.

Parked Domain

Parked domain websites are those website which resolved to a web page displaying only advertising listings and links. Google adwords prohibits websites which don’t have unique and fresh content and don’t provide valuable information to user. Usually we buy the domain from a reseller or from a hosting company. In some cases the domain has been used by someone earlier and Google found that this is a parked domain they keep that domain in the history so when you are try to create the adwords account for this domain then system pick up that domain and your ads got disapproved so when this is happening what all you have to do is escalate the issue and ask the adwords representatives to re-review the website. You can ask for review of website here.

Google Arbitrage Policy

Websites which are having very few or sometime no original content and purpose of the website is to invite users to click on the ads which are on website (Google adsense, or third party ads) can lead to account suspension. In order to avoid this kind of disapproval or suspension you need to increase the content on website and remove the excess ads from your website. Google allows the promotion of the websites whose main purpose is to provide useful, unique and relevant content that’s focused on users, with ads as a secondary purpose. If your site is suspended due to this policy violation and you have removed all the possible violations then resubmit your domain here.

Bridge Page Policy

By the name its clear the policy is about the doorway pages which means that the pages which are made for simply the redirection of the user to some other websites. Usually these pages don’t have any content or the content is not relevant or the content is not there. Google says this policy has been created to ensure that ads which are running on the adwords should re direct the user to the relevant and useful content and which will ensure the better user experience. But it doesn’t mean the redirection of the e-commerce websites to their payment gateway is not allowed hence you can understand that the purpose is most important by the google polint of view. To submit your domain for a re review click here.

Pop Ups Policy

As per Google adwords, if your website have any pop up regardless of the content on the pop up is not allowed which means regardless of the importance of the message which you want to convey to the user you can’t use a pop up while he is coming on the page or he is leaving your page. So make sure if there is any pop up on your page please remove all the pop up which are there before making the ads of the website. Otherwise Google is 100% legitimate to suspend your domain and in some cases even the account. Only the system warning or interstitial pages are allowed but with condition like they should not hinder the user exiting the website. In order to submit your domain for a re review click here.

Double Serving

This policy user violates very commonly and then find themselves in a situation that they don’t know what they should do for the unsuspension of the account. Under this policy its clearly mentioned that Google don’t allow single business owner to create multiple accounts for a single domain or even for the same business and product. You can’t create more than one adwords account. if you are having multiple websites for your business make sure on the same keywords your two domains are not appearing and the content on the websites should be different.if you are violating this policy Google will notify you for the same and if you are repeating the same multiple times your account will be suspended as a penalty.

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