The Battle of PPC Marketing Tools: Adwords Versus AdCenter

Google Adwords and Microsoft AdCenter helps companies to grow their online business. The campaigns expose customers to the products and services companies offer. These pay-per-click (PPC) marketing tools are useful but differ in their features and functionality. Each tool excels in a different category. Let’s take a look at how the two PPC marketing tools compare to each other.

Pay per click



Historic Quality Score Report. Microsoft AdCenter offers a historic quality score report. This report shows the dates the modifications occurred. The landing page launch date can be tied to the quality score. This is easier for most people.

Negative Keywords Conflict Report. AdCenter has the ability to generate a Negative Keywords Conflict Report. Website owners fail to reach certain audiences because of negatives. This reports shows them which ones. In some instances, negatives can cause people to exclude traffic they may want.

Share of Voice. Share of Voice displays the lost impressions and the reasons for losing them. The budget, rank, landing page relevance and bid are data that is provided in the report. The tool also provides date export functionality. This allows website owners to create a pie chart in Excel. The chart highlights the missing impressions.

More Control of Search Partners. Monthly budgets can be set in AdCenter. The budget system is maintenance-free after it is set. The tool will perform some basic calculations and can save time.


No Ad Extensions. Microsoft AdCenter has not included ad extensions, but the company is considering this inclusion in the near future.

AdCenter Limits 20 Campaigns Per Page. AdCenter only allows 20 ad campaigns listed on a single page. Adwords allows users to view 500 on a single page.

Less Traffic. Google Adwords simply receives more traffic than Microsoft AdCenter.

Needs Improvement in Remarketing. AdCenter is not as effective as Google in the remarketing category.

Needs Better Analytics Integration. AdCenter requires manual tagging of keywords and is frustrating. The same task in Adwords can be performed automatically within a short period of time.



Good Analytics Integration. Google analytics integration can be performed within a short period of time. Google Anayltics integration is automatic and comprehensive.

More Traffic. There is copious traffic on Google Adwords. Many people cannot deny the convenience or usefulness of having the significant traffic available to improve visibility.

Successful Remarketing. Google remarketing is successful in remarketing. The level of functionality is superior to AdCenter and gains companies significant exposure.


Lack of Quality Score Reporting Options. For most companies, it is crucial to know a PPC quality score. Most people complain about the lack of quality of Google’s tools. Google does feature a keyword quality analysis. The data cannot be gathered and compiled easily.

Two Search Partner Options Only. Users only have the option of Google only or Google Search Partners. Having only two choices is limiting. Since search partners do not perform in the same manner as Google, it is beneficial to set bids separately. Google Adwords does not offer this option.

Try Both For Your Company to Identify the Best Tool

Most people choose Google Adwords over Microsoft AdCenter because of the amount of traffic Google generates. Google’s remarketing tools and analytics tools are also superior. Despite all of the functionality that Google provides for its customers, AdCenter has numerous other qualities that many users would prefer if there were more traffic were available. AdCenter has quite an improvement to make in the traffic category. Consider how your company can benefit from both Google Adwords and Google AdCenter.

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