5 Ways to Generate Leads from Your Site

Generating leads from websites has proven itself to be one of the most successful sales strategies around. There are some great techniques that you can utilize to generate such leads. Some of them are not as obvious as you may think and do require the assistance of a professional web designer. Here are some to consider.


1: Small Contact Forms

The days when you needed to dedicate an entire page to holding one form are long gone. Web designers can incorporate contact forms into different areas of pages, making it very easy for visitors to ask questions or provide their contact information. Ask your web designer if they can incorporate contact forms in some location that is accessible from just about every page on your site. Remember that a contact form doesn’t have to be complex. For most lead generation purposes, a name and an e-mail address will suffice.

2: Events and Sweepstakes

Using your website as a platform for launching events and sweepstakes is a great idea. It gives people a reason to share their information with you. It also provides you with a way to communicate with the winner of whatever sweepstakes you are offering. There’s really no downside to using the website in this fashion to generate leads. You’re giving people something in exchange for their contact information – a chance to win – and the fact that websites can be updated so quickly lends them naturally to this type of promotion.

3: Blog Comments

A lot of websites that are dedicated to sales have blogs on them. These are great ways to engage with people and to generate leads. If you have your website designer set up a blog section, make sure that your comments require administrative approval and only approve the really good ones. This provides you with an opportunity to interact with the person who posted it, which very well may get you a good lead.

4: Relevant Links

If you get good press, good reviews or other positive publicity somewhere else on the Internet, make sure that you have links to that content. This is a great way to generate confidence in your brand and to encourage people to ask for more information about the product that got all the good press. You should have an easy way for people to send you an e-mail or to chat with you live on the page were you link to this information. It’s also a good idea to ask the site that hosts the original information if it’s okay for you to put a copy on your own site. You’ll usually find that it is.

5: Be Original

Classy, well-designed and sophisticated websites are much more likely to inspire confidence in visitors than are cookie-cutter websites. If you look around the Internet, you’re going to find a lot of what are commonly called “squeeze pages”. These pages are simply designed to get somebody to provide contact information. They usually have a picture of the salesperson, some sales text and a contact form. These sites tend to look like they were put together by an amateur, which is typically the case.

If you need to make some sort of a squeeze page for your company, have a professional website designer come up with an original design for you. If you put something tacky and easy to generate up on the Internet, you’re lowering the standards for your website.

Be creative about figuring out ways to get leads. Nobody knows your demographic like you do and your website designer can likely take your ideas for reaching out to them and transform them into usable website features.

Matt Dandurand is the CEO of MediaContour.com, offering web design in Los Angeles, CA.

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