Top 5 Google Adwords Changes in 2012 You Should Know About

In 2012 Google made lots of changes in his product basket,  for example, Google changed its search page interface, a few days ago Google changes the YouTube interface, Gmail interface also get few look, changes Google docs to drive and added new features in Google+. These are some of the changes which Google made in 2012.


In same way Google made good no. of changes in Google Adwords. This year we saw Google changed the Adwords interface, ads rotation setting and added some of new features like dynamic search ads, device level targeting, Adwords for Video, Offer extensions, flexible reach, mobile app extension etc. In this post we will discuss the top five most important changes which Adwords made in 2012. And these 5 changes are:

1)  Google Shopping and Prodcut listing ads
2)  Dynamic Search Ads
3)  Enhanced Site Link and Offer Extensions
4)  Adwords For Video
5)  Zip Code and Bulk Uploads

1) Enhanced Site Links and Offer Extensions
This year Google expanded site link extension with enhanced site link extensions where Google will show five block of five ads in search result. In enhanced site link extension Google will see the other active ads in your account that match the site links for your campaign and then show these ads in line 1 and 2.


Offer Extensions
Google adwords offer extensions add an offer below your ads text, quite similar to site link extension. You can redeem the offer online as will as offline. Similar as site link extension Google will show the offer extension for top ads in search results.

adwords offer exptensions

2) Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads
This year Google shifted Merchant center results to Google Shopping and integrated the Google shopping ads with product listing ads (PLA). You can read more about product listing ads in our previous post How to create product listing ads in Google Adwords

3) Dynamic Search & Display Ads
For dynamic search ads Google will crawl your website and based on the content of your website, Google will dynamically generate the headline for your ads. Dynamic search ads only triggers for search queries which aren’t eligible to match existing keywords in your account. So dynamic search ads help you to reach more search queries related to your business and services. You can read more about dynamic search ads in our previous post How to create Dynamic Search Ads in Google Adwords.

Dynamic Display Ads
Dynamic display ads in beta version and limited to US advertiser to only. In order to use the dynamic search ads advertiser should have Google Merchant Center account that has at least 5,000 inventory items and no greater than 1 million items. You can read more about dynamic search ads at

4) Zip Code and Bulk Uploads
This new feature allows advertiser to set zip code location targeting in adwords. In Zip code location targeting you can directly type the zip code and Google will automatically get the location targeting and reach for zip code. Also in bulk upload tab you can add up to 1,000 locations in a single country at a time.

5) Adwords for Video
Google integrated YouTube video and display ads with adwords. Now you can run and manage the video ads from adwords interface. Watch out the video how to create video ads in Google adwords.

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