Panda update steps in to transform SEO

In February 2011, Google came up with its Panda update and in the month of April this update hit the world. The primary goal of Panda update was to clean the Google search results of content farms. Now, the content farms are sites which have many pages filled with low quality content. So in actuality these pages are useless for readers. Sadly, the update also affected web portals that had quality content. Some websites were even wrongfully penalized under this update. Speculations proved that Panda also considers the website’s age and hence drops the ranking of older content irrespective of how informative the content is.

Google Panda focusses on user experience

After the release of Panda update, the face of SEO has immensely changed. The older practices of SEO included web page optimization for better search engine accessibility and creation of keyword rich content for linking. But now only certain old practices apply whereas the focus has shifted towards the creation of robust and creative content, delivering a positive experience to visitors. It’s important to keep the visitor’s perspective in mind when designing the web page and creating the content. Make sure that your web pages are correctly optimized, although not stuffed with keywords.

The natural density stands around one to two percent only. Prior to the update, some people would only write a post on a regular topic and just attach a hyperlink in the middle of a random sentence, making no sense at all. Quality had nothing to do with the content written. The entire concept was limited to creating content for SEO purpose and rankings only for making more profits. This sort of practice is now looked down upon and such links are heavily discounted and reduced in value.

Don’t just write articles- instead come up with engaging content

Designing a website with thousands of different pages describing the different types of products is in no way an interesting piece of content. This can be called informative however it’s the least bit engaging. The question is that will the visitors or readers share this content with friends or family? The answer is a big no. So Panda update actually penalizes these internet portals with massive number of pages filled with content that hardly makes sense. If you want to dodge the Panda update then it’s time to get creative with the content you post.

Search engine optimization is an ever-transforming field. Once you think you’ve got it right, things start to take a shift. If your web site or weblog has been affected by Panda then recovery can be a very difficult process. The best that you can do is to change the content posted or remove useless content from the site. Check every web page or post and analyze it from the perspective of viewers. Is the content helpful in any way? Will people enjoy reading it and sharing it with friends? Will somebody actually need this piece of information? The key to saving your site from Panda update is by posting out creative and engaging content.

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