5 Top PPC Tips for Christmas and New Year 2013

If you’re running PPC campaign then the festive season provide you good opportunity to increase your online revenue. Christmas and New Year are two biggest festive of year and peple do lots of online and off line shopping during this time. So how should you ensure that you get the most out of your PPC advertising over Christmas & New Year? Here are five tips that could help you to maximize conversions.


1. Target Other Demographics

If you normally sell products aimed at a specific demographic such as young women or middle-aged men, now is the time to change up your ads and start targeting other demographics.

The reason for this is that people are shopping for Christmas presents and they are going to be purchasing things that they wouldn’t normally look twice at during the year. Make sure that you change up the text of your ads to avoid missing out on the lucrative Christmas present seekers.

2. Optimize for Mobile Ads

If you have yet to optimize your PPC for mobile ads, now is the time to start. Although it’s true that mobile conversions are still a lot lower than PPC conversions from PC users, mobile ads are becoming increasingly important. You can almost guarantee that more people will be accessing the internet via their smartphones and tablets this Christmas than ever before, so use this as a good opportunity to focus on your mobile advertising strategy.

3. Target Christmas Shoppers

As well as targeting different demographics in your ads, make sure that you target Christmas shoppers specifically. Change up the text in your ads to focus on things like gifts, special Christmas offers and free delivery in time for Christmas as these are the things that are going to catch the eye of shoppers.

As well as changing up your ad text, make sure your landing pages are also optimized for the Christmas shoppers. Highlight your Christmas special offers and the speed at which you can get their presents to them to convince them to make that purchase.

4. Increase Your Budget

There is more competition at Christmas in many markets and CPC tends to go up. You may well need to increase your budget to appear in a good spot in the SERPs so that when people are searching for a quick present they find you. The idea is that the better conversions will more than make up for your increased advertising spend.

Also make sure that you plan your budget carefully so that you do not run out of money in the last few days leading up to Christmas. Although more people will buy presents earlier to ensure that they receive their purchases in time for Christmas, there will always be some people who want to buy last-minute presents, so make sure your budget covers ads for this group.

5. Keep Going Beyond Christmas

Remember that the increase in shopping activity does not end on Christmas Day. In fact, many people will continue to shop online in large numbers long after Christmas has ended. Make sure that you target your ads for the bargain hunters and make your special offers stand out to entice these shoppers well into the new year.

Start Earlier Next Year

If you have left it too late this year to take advantage of the above PPC tips, remember to start earlier next year. If you only start a week before Christmas you are likely to miss out, so plan for this busy shopping season way back in November to optimize your PPC campaign properly and take full advantage of the seasonal boost in shopping activity.

Thanks to Richard for these top Christmas & New Year tips. You can read more of his work over at Engage BDR. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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