Mobile Marketing – Why You Should Be Using It

According to Google by 2013 people will use their mobile phones than PC to come online and mobile searches have grown 4 times since 2010 .  In a recent chat with James Martell, the host of online radio show and podcast program Coffee Talk, he spoke about why companies need to keep up with changes in technology and the way people use the technology in order to retain clients and acquire new customers.   And in fact, while some business owners have clued in somewhat to the idea of having an online presence, most of them simply aren’t doing enough to promote their businesses online.

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Make Time to Have a Good Online Presence

“I have met too many business owners that are relying on just a profile in some local business directory, and not even taking the time to do a website. And what is challenging about that is that those businesses, they may own all your content, right? And you don’t have a lot of control over what is being said. But if you have a website, then you’ve got a chance to rank for the keywords in your local area or for your business name so that you can represent your business in your own way.”

So, a profile on Facebook or LinkedIn, while it may somewhat increase your customer base, it will do so minimally.  To take some advantage of the marketing potential of the internet, a business needs to have their own website, which is frequently updated with unique content that is search engine optimized in order to place highly on internet search engine result lists.  Businesses that blog are much more likely to gain new clients.

A Website is not Enough

However, as mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, Don Campbell says that while websites and blogging are great, the way people access the internet has changed, and businesses must adapt to this change or they will lose a huge number of potential clients.  Ten years ago, most people used their laptops or PCs to get online; nowadays, most people, when conducting internet searches, are using their mobile devices.  So what does this mean?

It means that if you have a website that you update frequently, when people do an internet search on their smart phone your business is likely to be at or near the top of the search results.  That’s great!  Your website is likely to get selected for a virtual visit.  However, if your website contains graphics, videos or text that cannot be viewed properly on a mobile device, chances are the visitor will leave your website and select one that is mobile friendly.  Your business won’t be taken seriously and chances are you’re going to lose potentially thousands of clients.

More than Half of Internet Searches are Conducted with Mobile Devices

According to , over 50% of internet searches are now being conducted on mobile devices. In order to access that vast potential client base, you’ve got to make your website mobile friendly.  After all, while getting all that business from PC and laptop users will be great, don’t you want to generate even more?

Get Mobilized

Here are the things you need to do in order to tap into the mobile user market.

  • Check your business website from your mobile device or smartphone.  Do the videos, graphics, and other features work?  Is it convenient to visit, or is a lot of pinching and pulling required to read vast amounts of poorly placed text?  If everything looks good, then you’re good to go.
  • Create a mobile sitemap so that internet search engines can index your site specifically for mobile browsers.
  • Only use short, brief texts and articles along with small graphics.
  • Use a service that will convert your website into a fully functional HTML5-enabled website if your own technical skills are limited. Some of these services provide a do-it-yourself style platform, and prices range from $5 a month up to $100
  • Use a responsive web design, which recognizes the user’s device and will display the website accordingly.

Mobile-friendly websites are a must for businesses that wish to stay competitive and grow.  For example, if a person wants to know where to order personal bank checks, he or she will go to the website that’s the easiest to navigate, not necessarily the one that’s got the best prices.  Make the necessary changes, and you’ll see your customer base grow.

About Author: Mark Harris, a successful freelance writer and Internet marketer, is in his mid-30s and loves living on the West Coast of British Columbia.  Writing for and about small internet businesses like makes Mark even more curious about how internet marketing can be harnessed.

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