Five Ways Pinterest Can Improve SEO

There still remains to be an ongoing debate on whether Pinterest can really improve your SEO or not. A lot of confusion comes down to whether there are really do follow or no follow links involved the “pinning” of the images that come from your site. Whether or not there are true benefits, there are things you can do to improve your chances of ranking higher due to the popular blog site.

1) Include links in your posts.

While it may not be intuitive for you, but one of the key ways to build SEO through Pinterest is adding your link to the caption area of your posts. By doing this, you are building “backlinks” to your site, which are the key to building your SEO rank. Also, you are providing your Pinterest followers with a collection of your posts and a link on how to access them. Plus, if your posts do happen get re-pinned or liked, you draw even more attention from your existing followers.

2) Use descriptive words.

When you are pinning to your board, make sure you add an actual description and key words to your pin as well. By adding keywords to your pins, you increase the likelihood of someone finding your pin on Google. Not to mention, make sure you describe your Pinterest profile and your various boards as way to increase your SEO.  On a side note, check your settings and make sure you have allowed Pinterest to show your profile, boards, and pins on search engines.

3) Promote others.

We all love when we get attention from other people. We especially love when someone makes an effort to promote us. So, it isn’t a guarantee, but by promoting others you increase the odds of them doing you similar favors to your pins. It’s simply a way of letting others know that you are paying attention to what they have to say (and hopefully, they will start paying attention to you).

4) Add the pin-it button to your site.

There are benefits to this particular feature on Pinterest. What it basically allows a reader to do is to take your internet article and click pin it to an ongoing internet board other people can access. By doing this, it’s one way of saying, “Hey look what I found!”  They are creating a special backlink to your website from their pinterest board. This is yet another way to create a backlink to the Pinterest site and bring more attention to the content you share with readers.

5) Get more followers.

This goes in line with # 3 – by following more users you are also increase the odds building your own followers, therefore building the attention to your profile and your website.  This can be done by searching for your contacts on Pinterest through Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo. Not to mention, if you sync your Twitter account, you can keep track of new users that sign up that you follow on Twitter that you can now follow on Pinterest. It expands your network and it’s a new way of building stronger connections with your followers. This not only brings attention to your brand, you also increase the likelihood of interaction with your products and website.

Bio: Brian Lakeman is author and Brand Manager for, Australia’s leading NBN Satellite provider.

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