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The popular search engine Google has been around for quite some time now. This site is probably one of the most well known on the web. Google provides answers to just about any and every question one could think of. This site has helped old and young people alike by providing them with some very useful tools. With the many different applications such as Google Maps, Google Images, and Google Search, it is no wonder individuals turn to this master of websites for all their needs. Whether for help on homework, finding directions to some new place, or looking up a picture for an important slideshow presentation at work, people can rely on Google for anything.



Google Maps is a division of Google that provides maps and driving directions to just about any location on the globe. This feature is extremely useful for many reasons. Individuals who are traveling love to know where they are going before they leave. Luckily, these maps can provide any information people might need for a long road trip. Visitors to the site can simply input their destination and starting location, then press “get directions,” and a route from point A to point B is automatically generated in seconds.

Not only does Maps provide great directions, but it also has many different customizable options that make it ideal for any kind of trip. The settings can be changed to calculate a bus, car, bicycle, and even walking trip. It will tell the person exactly how long it should take via that certain mode of transportation to get to the final destination. There are also several routes offered for each information input. If the people do not like route one, they can simply pick a different way to go. Not to mention, there are also satellite images available to see the terrain and surrounding buildings, plus traffic and weather updates that are perfect for planning a road trip.


Google Images is another useful tool offered by Google. People can essentially find pictures of anything they want with this part of the site. If someone needs to look up an ancient goddess of Rome for a class presentation or find a funny cover photo for Facebook, it is as simple as entering a few key words in the search bar and the rest is history. All kinds of images will pop up almost immediately, giving the user thousands of choices to find that perfect picture. Another cool feature of Images is that a person can take a picture from off the web or their computer, drop it into the search bar, and then see where else on the Internet that same picture is used. This is a fantastic way to spot identity thieves and find out if someone is trying to use another person’s personal pictures as his or her own.


Arguably the most useful part of Google, Google Search is the place that students, professors, medical professionals, and more turn for the answers to any and all of their questions. Google Search will generate thousands upon thousands of results for just about anything entered into the search bar. If someone wants to know what the percentage of childhood obesity in America is or how many home runs Babe Ruth scored in his career, Google Search will find the answer. From helping student with research papers to aiding doctors in finding the right diagnosis for an ill patient, Google Search is the solution. When it comes to search engines and quality results, Google is definitely number one.

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