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16 Ideas That Will Help You Get More Traffic In 2013

Have you been wondering how to get more visitors to your website or blog? A traffic boost will certainly help you to make more revenue from your website, whether you’re advertising space or promoting products. Here are 16 ideas that will help you get more traffic this year 1. Concentrate on Good Content Creation Good […]

Seven Signs Your Website Is Outdated

Websites aren’t what they used to be. They’re less like brochures with stagnating information and more like the ocean – your digital presence needs to have relevant and current content that moves your target audience. Is your small business website design outdated? Below are seven signs that you need an upgrade and tips to make the change. […]

Mobile Marketing – Why You Should Be Using It

According to Google by 2013 people will use their mobile phones than PC to come online and mobile searches have grown 4 times since 2010 .  In a recent chat with James Martell, the host of online radio show and podcast program Coffee Talk, he spoke about why companies need to keep up with changes […]

5 Ways to Generate Leads from Your Site

Generating leads from websites has proven itself to be one of the most successful sales strategies around. There are some great techniques that you can utilize to generate such leads. Some of them are not as obvious as you may think and do require the assistance of a professional web designer. Here are some to […]

How Many Landing Pages Should You Have on Your Site?

If you’re happy with the amount of traffic your site is receiving but not with the number of visitors that are being converted into customers, you’re probably wondering where you should focus your time and resources. Since you want your site to generate more sign-ups or purchases, the best thing you can do is add […]

By 2016 India’s Online Advertising Revenue will Reach $12.46 Billion

Digital advertising is going to blossom in India. According to a report form FICCI and KPMG international, online advertising will reach upto INR 586 Billion which will be around $12.46 billion by 2016. If we check the last three years status, each year online advertising got good growth rate.  In 2010 digital ad spending was […]

Seth Godin on Future of Marketing

Here are the thoughts of best selling author, blogger and entrepreneur Seth Godin on future of advertising, internet marketing & permission marketing. Another remarkable video of Seth Godin, don’t miss to watch this master piece.

How to Use Internet to Grow Your Business

As entire world is using internet, your business needs a strong online presence and for this only website or blog of company is not good enough. You should know all the channels in internet which you can use to promote your business. Some of the best ways to promote business in internet are:  1 SEO […]

Seth Godin Tips for Web Design

Here are the two remarkable tips from Seth Godin for website design. I love to read all blog posts of Seth Godin, a motivation and inspiration for me and millions of blogger in world. Seth Godin is a bestselling author of marketing books, entrepreneur, speaker and agent of change. You can find Seth Godin blog […]

Do you Really Need a Website for Business

This is a serious question, do you really need a website for your business? My answer is not necessarily, if you know how to use internet resources. If you know how to use Google, Yahoo, Bing and Social media channels, you do not require a website. Specially, if you have a small business and can’t […]

Best Tips for Online Reputation Management

As name indicates itself , Online Reputation means your company, Business reputation in internet. It can be personal if your are Polticians, Lawyer, Freelancer, Tutor or have some home business. What you will do when you find in search engines some one has complained about your business? He can be your ex employee, even your competitors and […]

Find more Local Informtion with Google Place Search.

It looks that Google is giving more preference to local business owner. A few days ago Google announced the Google Boost and now “Google Places” for local Places results in SERP. Google announced if search looks for places, then you will see more places results in search results. Also Google added “Places Link” in left […]