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How To Get Significant Search Engine Traffic, Even On A Low Budget

Even though there are lots of ways you can get traffic these days other than depending on search engines the fact remains that search engine traffic is still one of the most powerful ways to do this. Even with a lot of the social networking websites you will find a lot of people do not […]

How To Use Google And Bing To Easily Promote A Local Business

We all know that promoting a business using traditional means can be very costly. With the state of the economy as bad as it is, any business that hopes to survive must be willing to use whatever means they can to get their name out there in the least expensive way possible. Well there is […]

How To Give Google An Erection

The past couple of years have not been kind to old school web masters. If you build web pages, you know exactly what I am talking about. We are talking Google Penguin and Google Panda. Between these two updates, Google decimated countless websites. Internet is now filled with carcasses of once high-flying, low-quality crap sites that […]

A Quick SEO Review for 2011

Google keep changing its search algorithm every year, as Google itself said, we are doing more than 200 experiments with search at a time. So new changes and updates in search algorithm effects the SEO of website. If we looked this year, Google Panda updates lower down the ranking of lots of websites, Google again suggests webmaster to […]

How Robot.txt,Meta Robots and rel= nofollow Effect SEO

Lots of SEO misuse the Robots.txt, Meta Robots and rel=nofollow attributes, most of mix their role in SEO with each other. All of these three attribute effect the crawling, indexing and Page Rank of website,so you should have understanding when and where we should use these attributes. Let’s take each one by one and understand them in […]

Bing Launches Bing Business Portal

Bing replaces the Bing Local Listing with Bing Business Portal.  Bing said new Bing Business Portal is more impactful and will benefits both business owner and visitors. A new competitor for Google Places. Bing Business Portal include two steps for local listing first verfiy your business and then you can add photos, videos, payment mode and […]

Is Yahoo! Search Direct Inspired by Google Instant

Yahoo had launched the Yahoo search direct which will show you latest results as you type in search box. You can see the latest trending results and latest news without typing entire search query and can see up to 10 search results in Yahoo search box. In Yahoo Search Direct you can see the latest […]

Have you Tried Slash Tag in Blekko

Blekko Slash the Web Slash Tag allow you to see the results which you want to see in search result. Blekko Slash tag allow you control the spam and will show you only those results which you want to see. For exapmle if you are searching for fashion photographer you will see the result for […]

Have you Tried the New Search Engine "Blekko"

Blekko- We Hate Spams “Blekko” become the hottest news in search engines industry. Yesterday new search engine “Blekko” went live. In press conference, Blekko clearly told the audience that why you search on Blekko. Blekko said we will limit spammed results, low quality websites in search results. Blekko said we don’t provide you more crawled […]