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How to Leverage Twitter and Grow Your Small Business

Twitter can be used to bring in opportunities, leads and sales to a small business. Social networks are not only a place for the big businesses. However, note that using Twitter for this purpose asks for a whole different approach than when using it for personal reasons. A clear social strategy is vital if you […]

Top 5 Google Adwords Changes in 2012 You Should Know About

In 2012 Google made lots of changes in his product basket,  for example, Google changed its search page interface, a few days ago Google changes the YouTube interface, Gmail interface also get few look, changes Google docs to drive and added new features in Google+. These are some of the changes which Google made in […]

Best Free Social Media Tracking Tools

 People are spending maximum time in social media websites and growth of social media giving more opportunity to companies for advertising. For website tracking and monitoring we have tracking tools like Google Analytics, Omniture, WebTrends, Compete etc. In last two- three years social media had got the maximum growth and  we got some wonderful tool […]

Get More Traffic to Website by using Social Bookmarking

You read a lot about participation in social media for website, blog promotion. No doubt, social media is best place for promotion, link building and content sharing. Well known Social Media website like Facebook, Twitter, My Space, LinkedIn are best place for these activities. But still these sites are not enough and if you want […]

How to Create Vanity URL for Facebook Pages

A vanity URL is short form of URL. A vanity URL is created to point to something which is related to your business. Facebook allows you to create a vanity url for your Facebook Page. The vanity url help you to identity the internet presence of your business.You can use your vanity URL in your […]

Why your Company should go for Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become the one of the cheapest and fast growing marketing place for companies. For companies, businesses social media sites offer various applications and tools. Some of the popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, You tube etc. All of these web site have millions of daily traffic.Let’s take a look […]

How Delhi Traffic Police is using Facebook Page.

In Facebook you have seen Pages of celebrities, Businesses, small companies to MNC’s etc. But Traffic Police in Facebook, still don’t believe but its true. Delhi Traffic Police is using Facebook for Traffic updates and more than 13 thousand people like their page. In this page Delhi Traffic police tell about the latest traffic updates […]

How to create and promote your business in Facebook Page

Facebook gives a separate page for business promtion and this page is known as Facebook Page.This page is not less then a web site, in this page you can post the all the latest updates, pictures, videos, events or any information you want to share with your customer. Facebook gives the better options for all those small […]

Promote your Brands in Twitter.

I think everyone is aware of the twitter. Twitter is micro blogging site where anyone one send the 140 character message about how he is feeling or whatever he want to share with his friends or followers. Twitter saga is continue in 2010. We are seeing million no of traffic in twitter site and more […]

Impact of Social Media on Small Business.

We are seeing impact of social media from School kids to CEO of the MNC’s.You can find out every celebrity, industrialist on twitter, facebook etc.Everyone want to share their information, knowledge, picture, even how’s are they feeling.Moreover you can find some healthy discussion and debate on national issues,on someone statement and on day to day […]

IPL-3 Live on You Tube.

The begining of the new year is not good for the Google, we saw google lots of conflicts in china.But whatever will happen in china, google is going to rock in india with his latest news.And what it is ? The breaking news is that Google is that IPL-3 will be live You tube. Google […]

Tools for Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing is a term that describes use of social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other online collaborative media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service. Common social media marketing tools include Twitter, blogs, Linked in, facebook, myspace, Orkut and You Tube. 1 – Social Media for Firefox Extension Submitting pages […]