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Highlights of Google I/O 2012

It had been busiest week for Google. In Google I/O Google rolled out Nexus 7 tablet, Jelly Bean and new features such as Google Now for phone search, Chrome for iphone & ipad, Project Glass demo etc. Google Nexus 7 Tablet Finally Google come into tablet market with it’s most awaited or rumored Nexus 7 […]

Are You Ready to Go Mobile? Mobile Advertising and Marketing Statistics

Mobile phone is the easiest and fastest device for communication and now it added one more feature, easiest and fastest device to search and find the information. You don’t need to switch on your PC and laptop to find the restaurant near to you or to send mail to your client or to do video chat with your friends. Now […]

Impact of 3G in Business & Society

Technology is changing faster and quicker when we look into connectivity. Just a decade ago when internet came out was static then it come out in dynamic and now we are in the world of mobile internet. 3G has become the technology of choice for mobility. Over 700 million people are 3G subscriber in all […]

Google Developed the Automated Cars,Technology that Drive Cars Themself

Google has made new technology for Car industry and successfully implemented their experiment. Google now going to change car driving. Now your driving will be accident free, more secure, you can save lots of time in driving etc. Google announced they successfully made the automated cars, which will drive themself. Google goal is to make […]