Red Flags When Picking An SEO Specialist

There is no doubt about it: search engine optimization now serves the same purpose and importance with those humongous billboard ads we see along the highway. It is the new marketing superpower that helps businesses reach their maximum potential, and an avenue for consumers to be provided with better services. The success of search engine […]

The Most Striking Statistics On YouTube For 2013

By the end of this month, there will have been 1 Billion unique YouTube hits from all over the world! Yes, 1 Billion unique hits. Such is the amount of online traffic YouTube as a site commands in a single month! Impressive doesn’t even begin to describe it. Founded roughly eight years ago (2005) by […]

Five Red Flags You Should Know About SEO

Every business requires search engine optimization. The reason being every company wishes to be on the Internet, in one level or another. Sadly, most companies cannot meet the expense of doing their own SEO. They have to focus on managing their business. This is not a main setback, because there is a whole industry of […]

Creating Content For SEO In The Era Of Content Marketing

SEO has died in 2012, just like it has done numerous times in the past ten years, and just like it will continue to die with every new marketing concept and every new Google algorithm update. And yet, your websites are still receiving visits from Google. How can it be? Oh, I see – you […]

4 Ways Facebook Ads Can Help A Local Business

Many local businesses miss out on the perks that the internet has to offer them because they do not think that the internet is going to help them reach their target audience. Due to the fact that they believe that the internet is only reaching global audiences, they miss out on many marketing tools that […]

Dos And Don’ts When Launching A PPC Campaign

The internet is now one of the most effective tools used for marketing. However, as companies use the internet to introduce their products and services, the competition becomes tighter. Therefore, you need to do your best to boost the SEO rankings of your business website in order to succeed in internet marketing. There are various […]

5 SEO Strategies That Still Work in 2013

SEO is constantly changing. Not too long ago it was basically a case of whoever gets the most backlinks wins that coveted number one ranking. This is far from the case now, as Google and the other search engines have become a lot smarter at working out which sites and pages have a high enough […]

Top 5 Handy Tools and Tips to Get Higher Search Engine Ranking

Whether it would be an old website or a new one, the optimization of that site is really not an easy task, as one need to spend hours in planning the marketing strategy, creating accounts, writing content and creating back links in order to get website in good standings. The search engine optimization of a […]

SEO – A Step to Keep Ahead your Website

SEO well known as Search Engine Optimization is a technique to optimize a website which will show better results at the time of search process. It is a process which is used to increase the number of visitors towards a website. Every person will get attracted towards those website or link which results in the […]

How to Leverage Twitter and Grow Your Small Business

Twitter can be used to bring in opportunities, leads and sales to a small business. Social networks are not only a place for the big businesses. However, note that using Twitter for this purpose asks for a whole different approach than when using it for personal reasons. A clear social strategy is vital if you […]

An Introduction to Split Testing: How to Use Split Testing to Improve your PPC Campaign?

When people spend their hard-earned money, time and efforts into their website, they want it to convert and make sales. Although the interpretation of the term ‘conversion’ can vary for different people, e.g. bloggers, Internet marketers, online store owners, etc. but the overall concept remains the same. A website is as good as its conversion […]

Google Is My Best Friend

The popular search engine Google has been around for quite some time now. This site is probably one of the most well known on the web. Google provides answers to just about any and every question one could think of. This site has helped old and young people alike by providing them with some very […]