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15 Tips & Tricks to Master Google Analytics Data

Mastering your Google Analytics data is not as difficult as it seems, and if you know what to do with the data then you will be better off. Here are fifteen tips on what to make of your data and what you should do with it. Once you are able to correctly interpret the data, […]

Newbie’s Cheat Sheet to Google Analytics

So you’ve finally done it. You feel pretty good about blogging, but you just hate to worry about the stats. But tragically, stats are important. They tell you how you are connecting with your readers, what works, what doesn’t, and how good (or bad) you are doing overall. The first step to analyzing your blog’s […]

How to Set Up Cross Domain Tracking For Multiple Domains in Google Analytics

Sometime you find some websites use third party check out on other websites or domains. If you haven’t set the cross domain tracking in Google analytics then you can’t track the traffic, sales or what is happening on other domains. Instead of complete information you can see only self-referrers in the visit reports at Google Analytics. Let […]

Top 5 Must Use Advanced Segments in Google Analytics

Google analytics advanced segments allow us to isolate particular traffic data of our website. For example, with the help of advanced segments we can create segment which show traffic only from social media websites or traffic from branded keywords or traffic from long tail keywords or traffic from blog etc. So we can say advanced segments are most helpful […]

How to Decrease Your Website Bounce Rate

You can direct all the traffic you want to your website, but if the bounce rate is high, chances are that you are spending money directing the wrong kind of people to your site or your site is not up to standard for your target market. The bounce rate indicates the percentage of people who […]

Why There Is Data Discrepancies Between Google Analytics and Google Adwords?

Sometime you have noticed Google analytics and Google adwords show different data for your advertising campaign. You can check the advertising data at Advertising section of Google analytics, but in order to see this data both of your Google adwords and analytics account should linked with each other. You can read my previous post, how to […]

Test How Good You’re in Google Analytics

Do you want to test your knowledge in Google Analytics. Do you want to test how good you’re in custom reporting, filters, regular expression, goal and funnels, advance segmentation etc. is only website where you can test your Google Analytics skills. Google analytics test is not Google analytics official website for preparation of Google Analytics Individual […]

How to Set Adwords Remarketing in Google Analytics

As we know remarketing is well known feature in Google adwords and help us to advertise all those users who visited our website or hadn’t done certain set of action on your website. In my previous post you can read how to create remarketing in Google adwords and what are benefits of using it. But now good […]

How to Track Bing AdCenter Traffic in Google Analytics

In Google analytics you can see the organic traffic form search engines. For example, you can see traffic to your website from Yahoo, Bing and other search engines at Traffic Sources. If you’re running paid search campaign at Google Adwords, you can also see the adwords data in Google Analytics. For this you need to link […]

How Google Analytics Uses Cookies (Part-1)

A cookie is a parcel of text sent back and forth between a web browser and the server it accesses. The main purpose of cookies are to provide a management mechanism between web browser and server. Web server uses cookies to collect data from web browsers, so when user browse the website next time the […]

How to Set Advanced Segments for Long Tail Keywords in Google Analytics

As website owner you always want to know which sources and medium are bringing traffic to your website and more than that how you are getting conversions. As website owner you should check from where you are getting more conversions, is it from organic search or from paid traffic or from social media. If you […]

Regular Expression Characters in Google Analytics

Regular expression are special characters which help user to create more powerful implementation in Google Analytics. As per Google Analytics “Regular expressions are special characters that match or capture portions of a field, as well as the rules that govern all characters”. Regular Expression are very helpful in creating the filters and segmentation of data in Google Analytics. […]