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Phone Sales Skyrocket: Future of Mobile SEO

Apple and Samsung have been dominating the smartphone industry in the United States as of late. In the last quarter of business, over 100 million smartphones were sold. Leading these numbers was Samsung, who managed to sell 27.8 million smartphones, compared to Apple who sold 17.1 million iPhones. This raises the question of the future […]

Impact of Smartphones on Travel Industry [Infographics]

Smartphones has changed the way people access information in internet. Now you can get the all over world information in your palm and can do any kind of task which you used to do in your pc or laptop. Now you can book movie, flight ticket through your smartphones. So we can say mobile phones has become […]

Are You Ready to Go Mobile? Mobile Advertising and Marketing Statistics

Mobile phone is the easiest and fastest device for communication and now it added one more feature, easiest and fastest device to search and find the information. You don’t need to switch on your PC and laptop to find the restaurant near to you or to send mail to your client or to do video chat with your friends. Now […]

Smartphone For Smart People. Facts and Study about Smartphones User

I’m sure within 2-3 years it will be hard to imagine life with out smartphones. People are using smartphones whether to find a pizza store or to do online shopping. Smartphones are most compatibale devices to access instant information. In last two years smartphones changes the life style of people. Let’s look at some facts, […]